Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Very Own Tradition

Traditions are cool because they are your own. It's something unique to you and/or your family. It creates a memory to relive forever. It's also the hardest thing to think about when you are a young family.
Thanksgiving is always hard because if any amount of people you love live close by, then you race across town or state to have breakfast/lunch/dinner with everyone you know. With this being the first year our kids were home, EVERYONE and their dog wanted to have a meal with us. Which is great, but to two kids who ate small portions maybe twice a day, this concept was really over their heads and I really wanted to cook my own turkey.
So that's what we did. We visited with family, I took the day off from cooking and on Friday, I got up while everyone was invading the toy aisle at Target, and I bought a turkey for .25/lb. and we had our first four-some feast, a week after everyone else.

What do you do that is unique to your family and how did the tradition start?

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