Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All She Wants For Christmas!

Check out these necklaces:

I ran into this blog awhile ago because the fabulous woman who did my blog layout also did one for an 11year old girl. You might think that a blog for the average 11 year old would be devoted to shoes, clothes, boys and makeup. NOT the case at Little Goody Two shoes. While this girl does blog about clothes, shoes and boys, it is devoted to raising money for clothes, shoes and boys and girls in a carepoint in Africa.

Recently, several more children have been brought to this orphanage and they are all lacking shoes. Little Goody Two Shoes is seeking to change that by Christmas and she only lacks a little over $1000.00 for 6o pair of custom made feet in Ethiopia. She has made some amazing bottle cap necklaces that can be purchased for only $5 and all the proceeds go to her shoe fund with Children's HopeChest. I LOVE this idea and I can't think of another 11 year old who is so focused on someone else this Christmas. I'm going to buy my necklaces now. Come with me!

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