Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cookies & Christmas Cheer

After her son was diagnosed with childhood cancer, Gretchen set out to make a difference. She organized a bake sale and with the help of 250 volunteers, $400,000 was raised for childhood cancer research. But Gretchen saw more than just a one time miracle. She opened herself a non-profit and the rest is delicious! Cookies for Kids Cancer bakes delectable treats and mails them wrapped to everyone on your Christmas list and you get the credit and the charity donates the money to cancer research. What could be more yummy?

From amazing creations like Chocolate Almond Coconut Crunch to good ol' standbys like Peanut Butter each order is one dozen cookies of your choice, wrapped for $30. Go to to order or to get all the details to host your own bake sale.

It's usually a great fail-proof idea to stock a few bottles of wine as last minute "oh crap we forgot them and they are standing at our door" gifts. But what could be better than a bottle of wine whose ENTIRE profits benefit local charities of your choosing? Well that a spirit with THE spirit! Check out to learn more about what they do and how they do it!

Don't forget that our Tee of the Week this week is the Boulton Family! Their tees and their blog is amazing and while you're reading their amazing story of commitment, dedication and sacrifice that God is writing through them, grab up a tee for only $22 including shipping!

Do you know of a fundraising family who is adopting and has a great blog/tee/product for sale? Email me so that we can consider them for upcoming Tees of the Week and for an upcoming giveaway!


  1. VERY cool! thanks for doing what you are doing! :)

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