Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change Into Some PJ's & Join Me

I started this blog because I want a forum to do Christmas differently. I want a place to encourage others and to display items that give back and encourage us to spend more time with the story behind the gift and actually giving instead of being choked of the joy of a season that is about the ultimate gift. And I want to hear from others who have ideas and traditions about putting more justice in our stockings instead of obligatory packages we'll forget in a year.

So in order to get started you are going to need something very comfortable. Check these out:

These are called Punjammies. The pj's are made by women who have been rescued from sex trafficking in India and are being taught a trade. My first pair came about two weeks ago and I ADORE them. They are soft, washable and run true to size. There are two different lengths; the full length and capri length. Each pair comes in its own individual bag made from the same fabric as the pj's you order. They are reasonably priced and provide an income to a woman in need.
There are only a certain amount of each fabric that are made, so get yours before they are gone. Go to and order your pair today!


  1. Love, love, love this blog! I was just praying this morning that God would show me how to make Christmas more about Him this year! I can't wait to check out these PJ's...I LOVE PJ's and my sister and I get matching ones every Christmas :)

  2. I love this link--stumbled upon it from Becky Berk's link and you don't know how timely this is! Thank you for a brilliant idea on how to honor the One in a way that helps us all recognize Christmas as a gift to others. Can't wait to see where the Lord leads this!!