Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well Now What?

I started this blog to help people fund raise for their adoptions and give you the reader ideas to make your Christmas more meaningful. Now that the tinsel is gone and the tree is back in the attic, I debated for some time as to the fate of this blog. It seemed sad to put it away until next holiday season, since it seems as if we Americans can conjure a holiday at least every other week.

I've decided to stay and since people still need to help have their fundraising projects (and I really love to shop), the blog will continue to highlight products that give back, make you think and perhaps make you laugh.

Meet the Marquis family. This fellow Ethiopian adoptive family had such a fun time making their bottle cap necklaces for their adoption, they are doing it again to raise money for Ethiopia Reads,an organization which brings books to children in Ethiopia.

Check out these awesome designs just in time for Valentine's Day: Go here. Send some love.

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